TM Equipment and Pricing

1. ATM 2236 – $12,000 –
50L 20W x 38H “

Includes: 22hp/674cc PREDATOR engine
cat pump 3.5 GPM, 36 tuthill blower (300 CFM

kerosene heater or HEAT EXCHANGER,
last step chemical injection.
belt-drive pumpout, stoddard silencer.
Also included: STAINLESS STEEL waste tank, fresh water tank

2. ATM 2245 – $14,000 – 50L 26W x 38H“

Includes: 22hp/674cc Honda, cat pump 4.5 GPM, 45 tuthill blower (350 CFM), HEAT EXCHANGER or kerosene heater, last step chemical injection. diaphram pumpout, stoddard silencer.

INCLUDES: STAINLESS STEEL waste tank, freshwater tank.

3. ATM 2245 – BOOSTER/Flood pumper – $8,000 –

38L 20W x 38H“
This can be set up for a TRUE DUAL WAND system – no suction loss.
Includes: 22hp/674cc HONDA (or predator) engine
45 tuthill blower (350 CFM),

DIAPHRAM pumpout (optional belt-drive APO) stoddard silencer.

Also included: 40-55 gallon waste tank, for true dual wand system (or single wand)

4. HAWK 17″ Glide freedom ENCAP and scrubber.

1500$ – comes with a gravity feed tank and pad driver.

5. HAWK 17″ Glide freedom ENCAP and buffer.

$2000 – comes with gravity feed tank and front-mounted sprayer for ENCAP.
This amazing ENCAP machine will do both gravity feed and front spraying at the same time.

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