TM Accessories and Pricing

1. TURBO HEAT HOSE: 1$ foot (50′, 100′, 150′ 200′)

This is an amazing hose THAT WILL NOT TANGLE, easy and will give 20-30 degrees more heat per 100′ hose length. If you hate tangles and losing heat try this stuff. I got rid of all my wire hose and it sits in my garage except for some backup hose.

2. STAINLESS STEEL HOSE: 1$ foot (50′, 100′)

This hose is compact and great for winding and unwinding and will not tangle easily. I have changed out all my water hoses after I wound up a 100′ hose length of this in 30 seconds.
Just throw it in a heap at your feet and wind it up in less than 1 minute, it’s that easy.
You can put 200′ of this on a 100′ hose real if needed… GREAT HOSE!!!

3. CFX-15 TURBO VAC BOOSTER (1595$ wo hose)

This portable TM booster is perfect for any TM that needs to add vacuum for long hose runs, restaurant cleaning, tile cleaning or any cleaning where you need to lower dry times and boost vacuum.
I have used these specific boosters on all my TM this year and have cut most of my dry times in half while increasing my water flow on all my jobs.
This is absolutely the best addition to my TM in the last 5 years.
At 40 lbs. this booster is super compact and plugs in with 2 cords at the front door or inside a commercial job.
Comes in 2 sizes CFX-5( 24” tall) & CFX-15(32” tall)
Specs are as follows: 300 cfm added to your current TM will increase your vacuum 1-2 blower sizes and in some cases double your vacuum power.

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