Over the past 20 years as an OWNER OPERATOR I have solved many of the issues that many Carpet Cleaning Companies face with their truckmount machines.

These solutions are:

1. QUALITY – Top of the line name brand parts including CAT, TUTHILL, and KHOLER.

2. AFFORDABLE – The ATM is constructed to be one of the most affordable truckmounts on the market with prices starting about the same as a large portable.

3. POWER – Larger HP engines will maximize performance and increase engine life, while kerosene heat will give an increase in heat over HX systems.

4. MAINTENANCE – The ATM is built to be a simple belt driven machine designed to be worked on by any local mechanic in order to save down time on repair and maintenance.

5. WARRANTY ATM comes with a 2-year warranty on parts. See warranty

ATM 2 year warranty on parts

Kholer Engines3 Year warranty by local Northern Tool store
Heater1, 2 year(s) by Northern Tool store depending on DC or AC heater
CAT Pump1 year warranty by Northern Tool store
TUTHILL2 year warranty from local TUTHILL outlet

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